Reliable computer repair for your home and office



Repair, upgrade or tune-up your PC.

Add an SSD type hard drive and fresh/clean install Windows to bring life back into an older laptop or desktop computer.


Install a new wireless router, add an access point or add an extender for better wireless coverage

For even better reliability and speed, wire up your home with CAT 5/6.


Create new graphics for presentations, signage or graphics for your website.

Additionally, free up your time and let manage your website and portal updates.

Onsite and remote support for all your computer issues. Solve Microsoft Windows and other software errors. Fix a computer that will not power on. Speed up a slow computer. Remove a virus or malware. Replace a failed hard drive. Flat rates available when your computer is repaired at our workshop.

Providing support for over 15 years!
Great Support is a company still dedicated to 100% client satisfaction. Because has never had an unsatisfied client, continues to grow and thrive through word of mouth referrals. can help you and your company reach the efficiency needed when using today's technology.